Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello! Still around...

My mantra...'been busy.' Yeah, you know. ;) We move in a week! Um...let's talk about something, anything else...
Let's about the awe and beauty and magic of childhood? Yes! That always makes me happy. These little blessings that open my eyes to the beauty of this world...oh cheesey mama. So, the other day, Paul runs in from playing outside, yelling, "A RAINBOW! A RAINBOW!" Joe and I rush outside, and Paul then proudly boasts that Peter 'found' it.

Paul decided he needed to draw it so that he "never forgets it."
Blue sky, green trees...
Because Paul was drawing it, Pete decided he needed to draw one as well. Loved seeing the different interpretation.
 See the happy Peter under the rainbow? I love his happy face people. They have a happy face and two legs. All you really need.

And...I decided it was time for an upgrade in the camera department. I got a d700. Yup. I jumped ship. Hard decision to switch to Nikon, but I know it was the right decision for me. Joe...oh, he is good to me...I do appreciate it. And, my sister Eva helped me buy it due to a disasterous ordering mishap of sorts, so grateful to these sweet folks in my family. :heart
And now the playing has begun...

This is what iso 6400 looks like:

And this is what iso 800 looks like.

Still not the best lighting set up in dark dreary skied PA, but you get the point. Oh, and by the way, that dark dreary thing is 'bout to be remedied with the move! 
And if you pray, pray for my father. He is under the weather, and I wish I could be there with him right now. I have too few pictures of him, and my mom for that matter. I need to go raid their big picture box when I visit...which I hope will be soon, very soon, as a visit to my FLA peeps is long overdue... 
Take care.


  1. I didn't know you were going to switch! Did you sell off your canon lenses and camera or are you keeping them for back up? That ISO crispness had my xsi heart all envious ;)
    will def say a prayer for your dad... I am big proponent of stealing photos ;)

  2. Just listed all my canon gear at cm! EEEK! Thanks for the prayers. :)

  3. Just wanted to be sure you were aware of this.

  4. Oh yes, Thanks Joan! I have been reading about that...I got the d700 refurb, so saved $, and I just cannot wait...too impatient. I also feared the new model would be more expensive, and right now the new d700's are pricier than they have been in a while, so...had to jump at the chance to get a d700 at discount! :)

  5. Yay!! That's all. :)

    And definitely praying for your dad ... I feel the same way about needing more photos of my parents, too.